Becoming your best self is what psychotherapy is all about. Dr. Dianne Sterling is committed to providing tailored treatment in a collaborative, flexible and action oriented way. While relief of symptoms is often what brings people to start therapy, ultimately developing a life conducive to growth, creativity, productivity, and balance is the “big picture” goal. Each person has a unique background, temperament and situation. She firmly believes in understanding who the person is, who they can be, and what they are truly capable of. She works towards activating those dormant forces, overcome whatever habitual patterns or obstacles that have developed over the course of life, and then collaborates to bring the authentic self to life.

Dr. Sterling utilizes a range of therapeutic means and modalities towards achieving that goal, helping people acquire and develop strategies and techniques to foster and maintain ongoing well being and to reduce painful symptoms of depression and anxiety. A blend of mindfulness therapy, psychodynamic therapy, positive psychology, and cognitive strategies are used to tailor a treatment plan that is best for each person. She offers skill and compassion in her treatment of each person.

Do you want to get back to feeling like yourself again? Do you want to feel healthy mentally, physically and spiritually? How do you define personal success? What do you want for yourself? What do you think is possible?

If you feel stuck in an ongoing pattern of symptoms or the confines of a limiting self-definition, it may be time to consider results oriented therapy that is particularly tailored for what works best for you as an individual.