A consultation is usually sought to get professional advice and have access to specialized information. It can be helpful in many different circumstances, providing “big picture thinking” and a direction for action. A consultation is usually recommended as a first step in determining what course of action to follow, whether it is therapy, stress management or lifestyle balance, short term coaching. A consultation can provide you with information about what steps to take to achieve your goals.

Dr. Sterling’s specialized areas of expertise allow her to draw from her decades of clinical experience and multiple resources. She often consults with people who have complex interplays of psychological, family, career, and health issues. She also provides stress management and mind/body consultations that can include information about meditation training, breathing exercises, visualizations, yoga and other integrative techniques. The changes and interventions she initially recommends are usually easily incorporated into a person’s existing routine.

Another area of specialized consultation that Dr. Sterling provides is to parents. Parent consultation can involve advice and information about parenting issues as well as a review of history, testing and information about a child to determine what assessment or referrals may be needed. Often, Dr. Sterling consults to parents who have been frustrated and unsure of what direction to take regarding temperament, learning differences, giftedness and ADHD.