In our current world, stress often impedes optimal performance. Busy professionals often experience feeling overwhelmed and out of balance with work, recreation and relationships. To address this, coaching and consultation can take many forms, depending on individual needs. While coaching may target specific goals such as job performance, lifestyle balance, stress management, or increasing social-emotional intelligence and communication skills, it can also provide a confidential, scheduled time (in office or by phone) to pause during a hectic life to refocus on balance and goals, and to problem solve or process current conflicts and difficulties. Without setting aside time, these issues often get lost in the fast pace of contemporary life.

Dr. Sterling tailors strategies for stress management using diverse mind/body techniques as well as mindfulness practices. She also reviews overall lifestyle habits and makes suggestions to promote optimal health. Her goal is to promote creative problem solving and to expand existing skills, as well as refine and increase self- awareness. This can include awareness of one’s cognitive processing style, temperament, and personality style, which can in turn enhance the management of executive tasks involving leadership, diplomacy, and consensus building. Another specific form of coaching is targeted for people with ADHD issues who can utilize coaching to stay on track, organize time more efficiently, and develop compensatory strategies.

Dr. Sterling has coached executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals in San Diego and all over the United States, as well as at Scripps Center for Executive Health in La Jolla, California.