Dianne Sterling, Psy.D is a licensed clinical psychologist and consultant who brings over two decades of experience to her practice. Dr. Sterling’s initial training included hospital and clinic settings affiliated with Harvard Medical School and Boston University Medical School and she received her doctorate from Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. She consulted and practiced in the Northeast for 16 years prior to moving to North County San Diego. Currently, her private practice is in Cardiff, California and she consults to the Scripps Center for Executive Health in La Jolla.

Dr. Sterling’s comprehensive approach utilizes the holistic and complex interrelationship between emotions, thoughts, behavior and physical wellbeing. She firmly believes that psychological work should be inspirational and aspirational, and that the therapeutic process itself is a mindfulness experience. Her overall focus is to strengthen one’s natural coping resources, while dismantling limiting beliefs to optimize wellbeing and alleviate current symptoms and difficulties. She treats a wide variety of people, consulting to executives all over the country, treating individuals with complex histories who seek a more active approach to achieving health, and also assessing and evaluating children and adolescents for learning differences.

Her early training in the psychodynamic traditions soon expanded to include mindfulness and meditation practices as well as holistic approaches to mind/body health. She continues to explore all forms of complementary and alternative health, and has pursued specialized and extensive training in meditation and mindfulness practice, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), mind/body medicine, stress reduction, ashtanga yoga teacher training, and energy medicine. Her scope of practice and experience has moved beyond conventional psychotherapy to encompass a fresh and holistic approach that blends psychodynamic therapy with the innovative practices of mindfulness, positive psychology, meditation, somatic and mind/body psychology, as well as energy psychology. Her range of knowledge and experience allows her to draw from a variety of sources to incorporate what will be most helpful to each individual.